Local Marketing with #Meerkat (Interview with Giorgio Taverniti owner of Frank’s Pizza House and one of the first influencers on Meerkat)


Vine has Jerome Jarre, YouTube has Gary Vaynerchuk and Meerkat has Giorgio Taverniti. Every Social Network has its own stars who drive much of the traffic to it. So i knew that when Meerkat came out and started to evolve, that it would create its own influencers. Giorgio Taverniti owner of Frank’s Pizza House in Toronto is one of the first influencers on Meerkat. I talked with him about local marketing, his admiration for Gary Vaynerchuk und why you should always be a First-Mover.

What are the advantages to use social media as a local business? Tell us a little bit about your strategy…

As a local business if your not found on Google, it’s like not even being in business. My strategy is simple connect with local people that live, work within close distance of my pizzeria. Going onto Facebook and searching local events liking their page and commenting on their positive work within the community.

You’re experimenting with new social networks. Meerkat is one of those you’re on. What’s so new about it and why is it good for your business/interactions with your customers?

Meerkat is a whole different world for me. The connection I’ve made is so positive and is in real time. People watch me stream making pizzas and interacting with my customers, if they like what they see they will visit my establishment. I’ve had people watching my stream and come and have dinner that same night because they liked what they saw first hand. Plus many more people said they will visit Franks Pizza next time they come to Toronto or are in the area. Also love the fact that they ask me questions about Pizza and cooking in general, I get to answer them live or later on via Twitter.

Is Meerkat/Periscope the next big thing or just a network for techies?

That’s a tough one I think both platforms have different followers for sure and yes it’s great to network. I just got back from NY where I got picked up at the airport from someone who watches me stream on Meerkat plus meet up with another 15 streamers and had dinner with it’s like a big family.

How many viewers do you get when you stream on Meerkat?

My highest was about 2000 views but around 500 to 800 during a regular stream is a fair number.

How does it feel to be on the Meerkat Leaderboard?

It feels great I often tell people look I’am next to Snoop Dog or Madonna they all know who I am now LOL…

Is it better to be a First-Mover or a Last-Mover?

Always the first I took a chance and it worked out great for me and my business. All my friends kick themselves in the butt for streaming later on in the game.

What are the lessons you learned from your best performing content?

Always do something original don’t worry about what the other guys are doing.

Which is your best performing social media presence?

I still love Facebook but for my business Instagram is the best. People see the Pizza or other foods I might be preparing and fall in love. At time I’ll post a picture and someone will phone or text me “ I want that same pizza please “ I know it sounds crazy but that’s the power of social media.

Where do you met Gary Vaynerchuk and why is he such an inspiration for you?

I’ve Twitted a couple of times back and forth with Gary but finally got to meet him last weekend April 18 2015 I attended the taping of the 100 episode #AskGayVee Show. Yes I know that’s crazy I flew from Toronto to New York for 24 hours too attend the show. What I wanted was to show some personal appreciation for all the great pointers he’s had provided me with. In person he goes over and beyond to help people out and tell them the truth about his experiences in business. My friend first told me about Garry Vaynerchuk about less than a year ago. I saw one video and I was hooked on his positive message about social media. He’s living proof that being on different platforms and putting your story out there telling people what you do really works.

What would you tell a skeptical local business owner about social media?

Yes I tell anyone who asks me about social media the benefits but first I direct them to the #AskGaryVee show. Well people always ask me how much I spend on advertising like flyers, magazines because they always see new customers in my restaurant. When I tell them I don’t even have flyers I just tell customers togo to my website that think I’am crazy. Since I’ve been involved in social media I don’t spend money on print advertisement. People just have to put in the time to learn the platforms that are out there, every day you don’t put out a Facebook or Instagram post is money lost.
In the last year people have been asking me more about social media than Pizza how ironic is that. Also I think I discovered a new passion or a new love: Social Media.


Meerkat & Periscope: Colonizing the Live Streaming Market

Meerkat and Periscope are two powerful tools for broadening your audience. Live streaming content enables you to connect directly with your followers, fans, and customers in real-time, allowing feedback and interaction like never before. But before diving into the live broadcasting world, it’s critical to make sure you choose the platform that’s right for you.
Meerkat and Persicope are both quite new, having been launched earlier this year. Combined, these apps have seen more than 580,000 posts, 190,000 users, and 5 billion impressions. Since they are both available on Android and IOs, everyone can access them. Brands and businesses have adopted the new platform easily, live streaming events for followers to enjoy and connect.
Both Meerkat and Periscope use Twitter as a base, and this graphic contains some awesome tips on usage for both platforms. Additionally, you’ll find some useful metrics, such as 59 percent of Meerkat users shared only one video, and 57 percent of Periscope users shared multiple videos during the same eight day period. 39 percent of users are sharing on Meerkat, compared to 57 percent of Periscope. From support and demonstrations, to announcements and crowdsourcing, both Meerkat and Periscope offer fantastic options to connect with others for businesses, brands, and users.
Written by Ghergich

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Meerkat & Periscope: Colonizing the Live Streaming Market

Via Salesforce

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